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100% local production

The synergy between the production of local products only, the speed and accuracy of delivery allow us to give our customers the highest standards of reliability and quality.

The Ri.Ma.2 is born to be able to meet the varied requirements of the market, offering ever more controlled products and thus guaranteeing the consumer a product carefully selected, fresh and genuine.
Our policy is simple: to offer local produce, to exploit a large production area that extends from Fondi to Sperlonga, rich in tradition and fertile lands, both to ensure the customer the confidence to embark on his table products ONLY fresh, wholesome and controlled in a market now flooded with foreign products are often of dubious quality.
We created a products catalog unique in its kind, which will bring out the details of the products that we gathered in the morning, dew still fresh, to show the beauty and harmony that only local products can give.

We love our land and we love our local products.

All this is Ri.Ma.2.

Quality Assurance

Our purpose is to give the consumer complete assurance of quality and freshness of our products.

We encourage the natural fertility of the soil through the use of organic fertilizers and the practice of crop rotation

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