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We guarantee the freshness of our products

To bring out the best flavors of the vegetables, all natural vegetables complete their maturation process directly on the plant, are collected only when the level of maturation is optimal, and are packaged immediately to preserve intact all the precious organoleptic and nutritional properties.


RI.MA. 2 does not overlook any detail, combines the excellent quality of products with the offer of impeccable service for its punctuality and courtesy that is continuously enriched with more sparkling and innovative packaging and a new system of computerization of the company, which aims to develop e-business channels to facilitate contacts with new domestic and international markets.

Detailed checks

The extremely strict controls during all steps of the production chain ensure consumer safety point of view of plants and full compliance with quality standards and national rules and EU as well as an accurate and complete traceability of products.


The traceability of our products already start from a careful selection of seed varieties that we intend to cultivate. Each variety is then assigned a code that will identify the area of origin and accompany the product to marketing.

Short chain

Our products 0 km, come exclusively from Fondi and Sperlonga, and offer more certainty and freshness due to the lack, or almost, transport and transit.

Only Italian Products

Made in Italy is a source of pride as well as one purpose of our productions. Our belief is that only by shortening the distances you can really get the best quality!

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